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Phone: 877-309-0370
Fax: 206-338-2513
Casey Kershner - President
Andy Hineman - Vice-President
Tim Carrigan - COO

Casey Kershner - As a co-founder of Adastra Metro Golf in 2001, Casey Kershner is responsible for all facets of Adastra Metro Golf, LLC. Kershner received his degree in public relations from Kansas State University, 1998. During his four years as a public relations professional, Kershner has received three anvils and one silver anvil award for his work with various Clients.

Andy Hineman - Andy Hineman attended the University of Kansas where he earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering. After a brief stint in research, Hineman turned his focus to engineering sales where he worked as a sales engineer for one of the leading machinery producers in the U.S. In 1999, Hineman broke onto the IT scene by joining one of the "Big Five" consulting firms in North America. His IT work has primarily included designing and building applications and technical architectures for telecommunication clients.

Tim Carrigan - Tim Carrigan helped co-found Adastra Metro Golf in 2001. Carrigan applies his IT consulting experience - designing and building application and technical architectures - to the core technical structure of Adastra Metro Golf. He also creates and manages many of the Web site's features. A native of Atchison, Kansas, Carrigan graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from St. Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas, 1997. He then received his MBA from the University of Kansas, 1999, with a concentration in Information Technology and Finance. Carrigan's venture capital experience also continues to grow as he applies his past experiences to Adastra Metro Golf.